SEO PowerSuite is a suite of search engine optimization software that consists of four multiplatform modules, allowing you to save PC resources and quickly update the program. Download the official SEO PowerSuite for Linux for free on this page.

SEO PowerSuite is suitable for webmasters, SEO agencies and other professionals.

The program is compatible with the Linux platform, any distribution of GTK 2.0-2.24, 32 bit, version 1.8 or later.

SEO PowerSuite for Linux

  • selects the most profitable words;
  • analyzes the site structure;
  • examines competitor strategies;
  • obtains links from other resources;
  • automatically checks pages;
  • counts traffic;
  • reports at every step;
  • calculates KEI;
  • has paid versions with extended functionality;
  • Finds coding errors, broken links, server bugs;
  • gives recommendations for improvement;
  • analyzes backlinks.

How to install SEO PowerSuite on Linux

Download the SEO PowerSuite installation file for Linux from this page. Wait for the file to download and open it, then wait for the program to be fully installed. Now open the program and start your analysis.