Many computer and laptop users need the ability to download content from the Internet to their devices. We watch movies on the road without the Internet, play games that require pre-installation and do a considerable number of things that imply downloading certain files from the network. To optimize the download process and improve it, software developers create special programs, torrent clients that download information to the device. Tixati is an application that downloads torrent files and does it easily and quickly. Download the official version of Tixati for Linux for free from our website and take advantage of all the available features of the program.


The presented software product is an easy and intuitive utility that is designed to run and work on PCs and laptops with the Linux operating system.

About the program

The application is a lightweight software for downloading torrent files from the Internet to your device. The utility provides users with its huge functionality and a considerable number of features and options:

  • Adjusting the download speed. You can easily set the download speed of a particular file to optimize the operation of the program, and so that it does not overload traffic and does not interfere with the work of other applications that need Internet access. The option to build and view the download speed graph will allow you to analyze the operation of the application and identify existing shortcomings in order to correct them in the future.
  • Download via a direct link. The utility provides the ability to download files not only in the torrent format, but also via magnet links, which is an important advantage, since not all content on the Internet is represented in the torrent extension. You no longer need to search for hours for a torrent link and worry about it.
  • Taking care of users. There is no advertising in the presented software product, so that the person's work is more pleasant. The developers also took care of the security of user data and introduced additional encryption into the utility when connecting to peers.
  • View the full information about torrents before downloading them. The utility shows the track name, size, storage location and many other important information.


Tixati has established itself as a high-quality software product for downloading torrent files from the Internet to a PC or laptop with convenience and ease. Users enjoy working in the application and cannot remain indifferent after using all the options and features of the program. Download Tixati to your computer for free from our website and check the professionalism of the program in your own practice.