SeaMonkey is a set of professional programs for working in the Internet space that are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. This application was created by Mozilla developer, who gave the world such popular programs as Firefox and Thunderbird. The presented utility is a descendant of these two utilities. It has absorbed all the best from its predecessors and is now equipped with a built-in browser, mailbox, address book and several professional tools for working on the Internet. Many people who use this program note its quality and professionalism. Download the official version of SeaMonkey for Linux for free using the links provided on our website.


The SeaMonkey application performs its work efficiently on computers and laptops running the Linux operating system.

Features of SeaMonkey application for Linux

  • Multifunctional browser. The developers created a browser based on the Firefox engine and improved it by adding new features and installing some necessary add-ons. Thus, the SeaMonkey browser can search for text on a page, disable image loading, load multiple pages in one window, block pop-ups and ads. Users are also given the opportunity to view cookies and change the theme of the browser interface.
  • High-quality email client. A feature of the presented utility is its built-in email client. People note the necessity and convenience of this function. Moreover, the mail client is able to check emails for spam, provide the user with the opportunity to work with several mailboxes at once, detect and remove ads, change the layout of windows, etc.
  • The built-in address book is unique in that it collects data not only about email addresses, but also some additional information that the user may need at any time.
  • Built-in add-ons speed up the browser and do not slow it down. This option saves users time and helps the browser work better.
  • Availability of additional functions for professionals. Options such as an IRC client and an HTML editor will attract the attention of advanced Internet users.


SeaMonkey will become your loyal friend and assistant when working in the Internet space. A set of useful functions in the program will make your stay on the World Wide Web more comfortable and enjoyable. Download the official version of the application to your computer or laptop and enjoy a pleasant stay on the Internet.