Users use web browsers for various purposes. With the help of an Internet browser, a person gets access to the Internet, where he can communicate, work, search for information, download applications and much more. However, not every browser provides high-quality and pleasant work with the network. Many similar programs have a considerable number of disadvantages, even to the point that they do not run on the device. Vivaldi is a new generation browser designed specifically for the needs of the modern user and to optimize his work with the Internet. The application is light and intuitive, but it is equipped with a considerable number of useful and significant options and functions. Download the official version of Vivaldi for Mac OS for free from our website and make sure the utility is professional.


The presented software product is intended for installation and proper operation on computers and laptops running the Mac OS operating system version 10.11 and newer.

Basic Functions

The described utility has a considerable number of features and advantages:

  • Customizable interface. The appearance of the program distinguishes it from competitors and distinguishes the utility from their background due to an impressive number of settings and editing capabilities. Users can seamlessly swap the location of tabs, change the color themes of the application, customize the express panel, etc.
  • Working with tabs. The presented software product provides users with the ability to change the location of tabs on the screen, group them according to their own criteria, preview the content of the site when hovering the mouse over the tab.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Users can use the option of quick commands and configure them themselves, as well as seamlessly add new keyboard shortcuts.
  • Synchronization. Due to the existence of a Vivaldi account, everyone can synchronize bookmarks and tabs in the browser on several of their devices.
  • Lack of advertising on websites. One of the main advantages of this program is internal protection from advertising on websites to optimize user experience with the Internet and in general for a more pleasant work.


Many users take a responsible approach to choosing a browser to work on the Internet. They pay attention to features such as speed, appearance, and a set of functions and options. According to all these points, Vivaldi wins and bypasses competitors. The program is easy to work with, pleasant to look at and quite multifunctional. Download Vivaldi for free from our website to your PC or laptop and test the usability of the application in practice.