Excel from the developers of the Microsoft Office suite has been around since the days when everyone was a student or a pupil. In the work process, sometimes you cannot do without this assistant. The program will help create tables, charts, graphs and more. Use the link to download the official version of Microsoft Excel for Android free on this page.

The creators of the program went further and developed a version of the program for phones and tablets on the Android platform. This development allows many professionals to work on the road and when there is no opportunity to use a desktop PC. The program is compatible with Android 8 and above.

Program Features

  • This application has touch screen input, which provides the ability to make edits or create tables when you move around;
  • Changes made are saved automatically;
  • It is easy to save files to cloud storage;
  • It is possible to send created files to print or e-mail;
  • Viewing tables, in terms of comfort, is close to viewing on a desktop PC;
  • Thanks to touch input, there is no need to connect a keyboard;
  • Opens XLS and XLSX files.

How to download Microsoft Excel for Android

Click on the link twice, after downloading the file, open it. The program will start the automatic installation. After installing the program, open Excel and start working on your mobile device.

The program was created for mobile, so you do not have to worry about working on time or not being able to make changes now. Use the Excel app on your mobile device to troubleshoot errors and create tables and charts.