Microsoft developers have not forgotten about users who prefer the iOS platform, and have adapted the Excel program, loved by many, to work on mobile devices. You can follow the link on this page and download the official version of Microsoft Excel for iOS free.

The application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod version 13.0 or higher devices.

Excel will help you work with spreadsheets on the go. Now you do not have to be near a desktop PC to create spreadsheets, charts, and graphs. All of these features are available on the mobile devices you are used to.

What you can do with Excel for iOS

  • create spreadsheets using templates built into the program;
  • create charts using the program's templates;
  • format data to make it easier to work with spreadsheets;
  • analyze information with charts and graphs;
  • create pie charts;
  • use tables to manage budgets, financial and tax needs;
  • enter handwritten formulas into the program;
  • share files for teamwork;
  • save data to cloud storage or send via email;
  • create graphs and charts.

To install Excel, download the file found on this page. Then double click on the installed file and wait for the program to install on your mobile device. Open the Excel program and get started.

Excel for iOS is a portable application from Microsoft for Apple. The application is just as functional as its computer version. Allows you to work with a large volume. Helps with the creation of visualization tables and other information. An indispensable assistant for people whose work is connected with calculations.