Currently, almost every smartphone or tablet user has one or another social network where he uploads his photos. In order not to lose face, you need to create high-quality content that other users will like and will attract attention. In order to achieve this effect, people use photo editors that transform their photos and make them more pleasing to the eye and attractive. One of these editors is Facetune2. However, this is not a standard photo editor, but a specialized application for retouching portrait shots and selfies. With this utility, you can change your personal photos and upload them to your pages on social networks or to your blog. Download the official version of the Facetune2 app for iOS for free from our website.


You can download and install the free app for free on a smartphone or tablet running the iOS operating system version 13.0 and newer.

Features of the Facetune2 app for iOS

Lots of high-quality and fascinating filters and effects for your photos. Add interesting effects to your photos to make them more attractive. In addition to effects, you can also add frames and stickers.

Retouch your photos like a true professional with a large set of tools for high-quality image editing. You can have a ready-made set of settings that will do all the work for you or change your photo yourself with a brush.

The program provides an opportunity to remove acne and other irregularities from the face, as well as to do it so that no one would guess that the photo was retouched. After removing unwanted objects from the face, you can even out the skin tone, remove greasy shine, make the skin more matte and healthy.

Highlight the eyes, lips, etc. using the detail selection function. This way you will be able to emphasize your dignity and divert the eyes of users from possible shortcomings. Among other things, you can also whiten your teeth in the photo using a special option.

If you want to radically change your appearance, you can use the face shape editing tool. Change the contour of the cheekbones, the shape of the nose, the shape of the oval face. Shrink or enlarge your face as you like.

After you have completed the basic processing of the photo, you can proceed to applying makeup. In this application, you can apply contour, shadows, lipstick, change the shape and color of eyebrows, as well as add eyelashes. You can do this either on your own or using ready-made kits.


Facetune2 is your path to success among other users. The application does not just retouch your photos, it will help you attract more attention to yourself and increase the audience by creating unique and memorable pictures.