Dive into the world of precision social coordination with Blink, a cutting-edge card-sharing app for sharing cards with friends designed specifically for iOS users. In this article, we'll look at the specific iOS versions supported by Blink, explore the app's distinctive features, and show how it's redefining social interaction among iOS fans.

Blink's compatibility with iOS

Blink, in an effort to provide a seamless user experience, supports a range of iOS versions, providing a seamless experience for iOS users. The app works effectively on a variety of iOS versions including:

  • iOS 17
  • iOS 16
  • iOS 15
  • iOS 14
  • iOS 13
  • iOS 12

Key features of Blink for iOS

  1. Precise Location Sharing: Blink introduces real-time location sharing, allowing iOS users to stay in touch with friends while maintaining control over the granularity of location information.
  2. Intuitive map integration: The app seamlessly integrates with iOS maps, providing smooth navigation and making meeting up with friends hassle-free.
  3. Smart Notifications: Blink's smart notification system ensures that users are informed of their friends' activities and updates without being overwhelmed, improving the overall experience of using the app.
  4. Multimedia Sharing: iOS users can share photos and engage in dynamic conversations, facilitating a more immersive sharing of moments with friends.
  5. Privacy-focused design: Blink prioritises user privacy by offering robust controls over who can access location information and shared content.


Blink for iOS is a testament to sophisticated social connectivity, where precision meets seamless interaction. With compatibility with all versions of iOS and a suite of smart features, Blink is changing the way friends stay connected and share meaningful moments.