Facetune2 is a free and multifunctional photo editor specializing in the processing of selfies and portrait shots. This professional software product is provided free of charge, but you can subscribe to the premium version of the application. The relevance of the program is explained by the rapid development of social networks, where people post their photos. Now you can’t surprise anyone with an ordinary picture without editing. Lots of users resort to the help of photo editors to make their pictures more unusual, unique, and attractive. If you like to post selfies, then Facetune2 will become your faithful assistant in processing your photos. With the help of the utility, you can easily remove all the irregularities from the face, make the tone more even, apply virtual makeup, add filters and much more. You can download the official version of Facetune2 for Android for free using the links provided by our site.


The presented version of the Facetune2 application works without failures and errors on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system version 5.0 and newer.

Features of the Facetune2 app for Android

  • Rich gallery of filters and effects. In addition to standard photo retouching, you can also use creative filters that will add charm to your photos. Apply effects to pictures, adjust the type of their overlay, add frames to your photos, etc.
  • A lot of tools for professional retouching of portrait shots. The developers have made sure that the users of this application are satisfied with the work in the program, so they have added a huge variety of different tools that you can use to edit your pictures. The application also provides ready-made beauty filters that automatically retouch your photo. But if you don't like the work of the filter, you can edit the photo yourself using brushes.
  • Remove acne and other imperfections from your skin in a couple of seconds. The application will deal with all the irregularities on the skin quickly and efficiently, so that it will not even be noticeable that the image was retouched. After removing acne, you can easily even out the skin tone, remove greasy shine and make your skin look healthier.
  • With the highlight details option, you can highlight your eyes, lips, and other places that you want to be more visible in the photo.
  • The utility provides the ability to change the shape of the face, making it bigger or smaller as you like. Change the shape of the nose, the contour of the cheekbones, the oval of the face, etc.
  • In the makeup application section, you can easily change the shape and color of your eyebrows, add shadows, eyelashes, contour, lipstick, etc.
  • An additional feature in the app is teeth whitening.


If you want to attract more attention to yourself on the Internet and expand your audience, you need to have beautiful and high-quality pictures with good processing. The free Facetune2 photo editor will help you with this.