Fusion 360 for iOS is a comprehensive tool for parametric modeling of three-dimensional objects. Due to integration with cloud services, users will be able to work with all the materials that are offered in the library, conduct the necessary calculations and work on the project both individually and with colleagues. The program has the necessary set of tools, instructions, templates, and ready-made settings, which will allow them to master the work process faster. With this software, the user can not only learn to manipulate the visual parameters of the object, but also to write scripts to automate certain actions. You can download the free official version of Fusion 360 for iOS from our website by clicking on the link to install the application.

Fusion 360 is compatible with iOS version 10.0 and later.

Options and features

  • 360 degree camera view;
  • access the project in group mode;
  • calculate heat transfer and fatigue strength;
  • customizable toolbar according to the parameters of the manufactured product;
  • object Snap re-profile mesh;
  • scan drawings and real objects;
  • automatic spline binding to the mesh surface;
  • create, edit, add animation using 3D effect;
  • adjust the focal length, depth of field, lighting type and environment.

Download Fusion 360 for iOS

To install the platform on your device, which runs on iOS, you need to follow the App Store link offered by our website. Check the box next to the license agreement and wait for the application to be fully installed. An icon will appear on the screen of your device, on which you click and use the application to its full extent.


Fusion 360 for iOS will help you make your ideas a reality with its built-in tools, but also with useful guides and tips. Several people can work simultaneously in the program, which is convenient for companies and users who want to market their product.