Genshin Impact is an amazing game in the anime genre, it will allow you to plunge into a world of adventures that will take place in the fictional world of Teivat. This game was created by the Chinese company miHoYo Limited. The game is considered to be conditionally free, which means that you can pass the game without investing real money, but inside the game there is a store for making purchases. Follow the link on this page and download the official free version of Genshin Impact for iOS.

The game is set in the world of Teyvat, there are seven peoples who control different types of magic. The protagonist wanders through numerous worlds, but in this world his companion was kidnapped and he will have to pass many tests to meet him again.

Accompanying the character at the beginning of the game will be a cute creature Paimon, then the squad can be increased to 4 people. Each member of the squad has his own skills and his own magic, this skill will come in handy during battles with unfriendly creatures inhabiting the fictional world. It is also noteworthy that different types of magic can be combined with each other to cause more damage to the enemy. So the companions of the protagonist must be chosen very carefully.

But the game does not consist of just battles, the player will have to perform tasks, which are constantly offered by plot characters in each city. Also, the squad will have to explore the ruins of ancient cities, scary caves and mysterious forest glades.

The app is suitable for iOS platform, version 9.0 and above.

Options and features of Genshin Impact for iOS

  • fantasy world in the anime genre;
  • the game features 23 colorful characters;
  • a variety of tasks;
  • seven regions with their own capital;
  • clever animation of the characters;
  • the unfamiliar interaction of magic;
  • good visual and sound accompaniment.

How to download Genshin Impact for iOS

Use the link on this page to download the file to install the game. Then open it and run the installation of the program, after the application loads, a shortcut Genshin Impact will appear on the desktop of your device. Go into the game, register and start the adventure.


Paid services in the game are implemented in the form of a gacha, which Genshin Impact calls a prayer. The player pays the money and the character starts praying, after the prayer the prize will fall out. What it will be is impossible to predict. It could be some useful little thing, or it could be one of the stronger players.