Genshin Impact is a stunning role-playing game in the fantasy genre, created by Chinese developers. The picturesque picture immediately immerses the user in a wonderful world, the starting clips remind full-fledged anime, and the pleasant music complements the alluring atmosphere of the upcoming adventures. To download the official version of Genshin Impact for Android for free, follow the link on this page.

The main game character travels through numerous worlds together with his companion. Once in the world of Teiwat, his companion is captured and the hero needs to save him. To do this, he has a great journey through the cities of the fictional world, where he will perform many tasks, get new skills, learn magic and find true friends.

The game disposes to itself also by the fact that it has thought of all the little things: the characters' costumes, which want to consider in detail, hairstyles, voiceover characters. In the game the characters, between battles, have time to joke, especially this is different little winged companion of the hero - Paimon.

The application is suitable for installation on the Android platform, version 5.0 and above.

Options and features of Genshin Impact for Android

  • exciting adventures;
  • large open world;
  • you can play alone or visit other people's games;
  • beautiful graphics and scenery;
  • many missions to play through;
  • seven types of magic;
  • unique characters;
  • there are paid options.

How to Install Genshin Impact for Android

Download the installation file, which is at the link on this page, unzip it and start installing the game on your device. During the installation, follow the instructions that will appear in the installation window. After the program loads and its shortcut appears on the desktop, open the application and start the game.


In Genshin Impact, each of the heroes possesses one of the element types: water, air, fire, lightning, ice, earth or grass. Moreover, the elements can interact with each other. During a battle, the player must correctly combine his characters' skills to win the battle. For example, to send lightning bolts through water or freeze wet opponents. Successful combinations help to defeat opponents faster, and the biggest disappointment can be the lack of the right element on the battlefield.