Steam is a digital service that was invented, developed and brought to life by programmers at Valve. It is suitable for downloading and installing computer games, having conversations with friends on community forums, getting the latest news of the gaming world and much more. Follow the link on this page and download the free official version of Steam for Android.

The service has promotions and sales on single games or a set of games, which are combined into "packages". In the newsfeed, you can view the latest news in the gaming world, and numerous forums will help you find friends of interest. Also on the platform is kept statistics, each player can see how much time was spent on the game, learn the number of achievements in games and more.

The program is suitable for Android version 2.0 and above.

Steam features

  • large catalog of games for download;
  • user monitoring, blocking accounts;
  • subscribe to promotions and sales on selected games;
  • saving configuration settings;
  • creating matches and recruiting teams;
  • communication in forums;
  • ability to continue the game from another device;
  • buying and selling items from the games;
  • creating backups;
  • you can access your personal account from any device;
  • automatic game updates.

How to download Steam for Android

Follow the link on this page, download the installation file, double-click on it and start the program download process. Select the operating system and follow the prompts that the program will offer. After the service is fully installed, a shortcut will appear on your desktop. Open the program and start your journey through the world of computer games.


The service allows you to find friends of interest create your own matches and recruit a team of friends and like-minded people. At the same time the gaming platform is easy to use and offers many additional conveniences, for example, players can make a record of their own game play or listen to music while on the Steam platform.