Steam is a free gaming platform for downloading, installing games, communicating with your gaming friends, and more, from Valve. You can use the link on this page to download the official version of Steam for Mac OS free.

The online service is designed to make it easier for players to download a variety of games using Steam servers from any device or location. You can download games individually or in packs of multiple games. Some games became popular after they were uploaded to Steam, players appreciated them and after this recognition, the developers of these games received favorable offers.

If the service noticed fraudulent activity from the players who try to steal other users' data, use other people's accounts, cases of piracy and the like, the service blocks the account. Blocking is also carried out if the player's account was stolen before the current owner is identified. When blocking the player loses the ability to download and play previously purchased games. The money that the player has spent on the Steam platform is not refunded in this case.

Program is suitable for Mac OS version 6.0 and higher.

Program functions

  • download games and add-ons to them;
  • chat with players via microphone;
  • additional protection for mobile devices;
  • Subscribe to promotions and sales on selected games;
  • saving in the cloud;
  • catalog of wallpapers and color settings;
  • blocking fraudulent accounts;
  • possibility to continue the game from another device;
  • web page creation;
  • viewing of publications and video broadcasts;
  • automatic game updates.

How to download Steam for Mac OS

Use the link on this page and download the download file, double-click on it and start the platform installation process. Then select your operating system and follow the prompts that the installer will offer. After the service is fully installed, a shortcut will appear on your desktop, open the program and start working.