Ablo is the official application of a well-known social network for users of any age. The messenger provides contacts with high connection stability when making calls, even at low Internet speed. Wi-fi network 3G connections are used to provide subscribers with communication. The software differs from its contemporaries with a pleasant interface and extended technical support. The application is suitable for the Android operating system. You can download the official version of Ablo for free for Android on our page.

Software Features

  • sending the coordinates of a subscriber or contacts from a notebook;
  • free audio and video communication;
  • exchange of photos, text documents;
  • customizable function of disappearing video or photo images;
  • catalog of stickers and stickers;
  • automatic updates;
  • blacklist;
  • encrypted personal information;
  • catalog of embedded games.

Free download

To install the program on your computer for free, you need to click on the link to the page intended for installation. To avoid problems with installation, you should familiarize yourself with the supported devices. Optionally, you can also familiarize yourself with the functionality again before downloading. As a result, all that remains is to find the built-in "Download" panel and click.


In order to register on the network, you only need to fill in the necessary data, that is, personal information, number and password. The data will be encrypted. After completing the registration procedure, the user will see a half-empty page where it is necessary to fill in the missing information. In addition, there are basic profile settings, including adding a photo, specifying the city and country, filling in the line of interests and much more. The basic information is filled in in the "Edit" section. It is very important not to forget to save the changed data.

To find friends, you need to go to the "Friends" section, then enter the first and last name of the person the user wants to find. Next, you need to enable advanced search in the "Search Options" section. After the person is found, you need to add him to friends and wait for the user to accept the application. After that, you can communicate, exchange information and media files.


Thus, it turned out that Ablo is a popular program for communicating on the global network and exchanging personal data. The application is not only free, but also easy to use.