Ablo is a free application that offers simple, secure and reliable messaging and calls, available on all devices around the world. Voice calls between users with Ablo installed are free. The program has the ability to send text, voice and video messages, documents, images, videos and files, as well as work offline. You can download Ablo for free the official version for iOS on our page.


  • group calls for up to 20 people;
  • messaging;
  • built-in catalog of emoticons, stickers and gif animations;
  • push notifications;
  • sending files from the cloud;
  • support for Apple Watch and other devices;
  • voice messages;
  • sending your location to other users;
  • the ability to forward a contact from the directory to another user.

Secure installation of the program

To successfully install the program, follow a simple instruction:

  1. follow the link to install;
  2. familiarize yourself with the contents;
  3. find the built-in "Download" panel;
  4. click on the button to install.


First you need to run the program on your phone to get an account. The system will offer to transfer the old message history if the user has previously used Ablo. To do this, click on the "Transfer history from another device" panel.

If the user is working in this application for the first time, then you need to create an account. To do this, you need to specify the current phone number to receive a free activation code, then specify it in the confirmation field. The program will request permission to work with contacts, which must be given. After successful authorization, the application will ask the owner to specify the date of birth. This is necessary to limit him in receiving adult content if the user is too young.

To start a chat, you need to go to contacts, and then choose an interlocutor. Now you can start a conversation. It's very easy to use chats, it's almost no different from correspondence in other services.

To call the interlocutor, it is enough to find a contact, click on the phone or camera icon. In the first case, you can talk with your voice, in the second case, you can transmit a video. You can click on the icons in the started chats.


So, after a full acquaintance with the application, we can conclude that the installation, as well as the use of the program, is easy and comfortable for all users of this type of software.