VKontakte is one of the most famous services for correspondence and file sharing between users around the world. In the application you can organize communities of interest, run your own business, follow the life of public people, develop in professional fields. Use the link on this page and download the official version of the messenger VKontakte for Android free.

The app has services that help users realize their desires and opportunities. For example, the Goods service, which allows you to create virtual product catalogs within communities to promote your personal business. Or the VKontakte University service, a project in the form of a set of lectures and classes aimed at learning a programming language for schoolchildren and students. VKontakte advertising - allows you to place ads on the pages of the application.

VKontakte is suitable for downloading on the Android platform, version 6.0 and above.

Options and characteristics of the VKontakte service for Android

  • news feed with recommendations;
  • advanced friend search;
  • fast messaging and file sharing;
  • stores with masks and effects;
  • voice messages and video calls;
  • access to music by subscription;
  • plenty of video content;
  • gaming platform;
  • subscriptions to public personas;
  • communities of interest.

How to download the VKontakte app for Android

Download the installation file on this page, then unzip it and wait for the program to be fully installed. Once the app is installed, open the social network.


In the application, there is an opportunity to enable a smart feed. When you activate this feature, a special algorithm changes the order of news in the feed, suggesting the most interesting entries above the rest.