PREQUEL is a professional product for editing and changing photo and video content, for creating creative projects and revealing your creative potential. In the modern world, when social networks are developing so actively, which require users to think creatively and create a beautiful visual, photo and video editors are gaining unprecedented popularity. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of similar programs in the Internet space, but PREQUEL differs from them in its high-quality work, a large set of filters and effects, as well as a rather large set of tools for professional editing of media content. With this application, you will undoubtedly be able to create cool photos, fascinating videos and attract the views of other users to your social media accounts. Download the official version of PREQUEL for Android for free from our website.


The presented utility works on smartphones and tablets running the Android 5.0 operating system and newer.

Features of the PREQUEL program for Android

  • More than 800 filters and effects. In the application you will find a huge variety of interesting and fascinating filters and effects to apply to your photos and videos. Be sure that you will be satisfied with the variety of effects that are presented in the application. You are also able to edit the display of filters on the photo, mix them to change to your liking.
  • Text function. The program provides the ability to overlay text on photos and videos, as well as change its appearance: bend, shadow, color, size, etc. The utility features more than 30 different fonts that will appeal to everyone.
  • D3D mode, which is an innovative feature in this application. It appeared relatively recently and is designed to create moving photos. Animated photos will become your signature feature and attract the attention of many. You can easily surprise everyone around by making your images move.
  • Using music. If you want to give your video some kind of mood or emotional color, then music overlay is what you need. The utility provides the ability to work with music and insert it into your videos. You can use both sounds and songs. A set of tools will help you shorten a song, slow it down or speed it up, add several pieces of music at once, etc.
  • Apply animated text to your media content using the provided option. This will help you create more creative projects and surprise the audience.
  • A set of professional photo processing tools. You can use not only filters and effects, but also professional tools for color correction and other equally important aspects in photo processing.


PREQUEL will give you a lot of fun while working in it. The utility will turn your idea of modern photo and video processing around.