Enter the world of social networking with Blink, an innovative friend app designed specifically for Android users. In this article, you'll learn which Android versions Blink supports, discover the app's distinctive features, and learn how it enhances user communication.

Blink compatibility with Android

Blink, in an effort to be inclusive, provides compatibility with different versions of Android, ensuring a unified experience for Android users. The app works effectively on many versions of Android, including but not limited to:

  • Android 14
  • Android 13
  • Android 12
  • Android 11
  • Android 10
  • Android 9 (Pie)

Key features of Blink for Android

  1. Real-time Location Sharing: Blink offers a real-time location sharing feature, allowing users to stay in touch with friends and easily coordinate appointments.
  2. Interactive Photo Sharing: The app allows users to instantly share photos, creating a dynamic and interactive way to share moments with friends.
  3. Privacy Controls: Blink prioritises user privacy with robust controls that allow users to control who sees their location and shared content.
  4. Customisable alerts: Users can personalise notification settings to receive only the updates and actions that matter most to them.
  5. Event Coordination: Blink simplifies event planning by allowing users to create events and share them with friends, making it easy for everyone to gather.


Blink for Android goes beyond the usual social apps by offering a personalised experience based on staying connected with friends effortlessly. With compatibility with different versions of Android and a suite of interactive features, Blink is changing the way friends share experiences and relive moments together.