Kwai is an innovative video sharing platform that allows users to express themselves creatively and connect with a global community. Available for iOS devices, Kwai offers a host of features designed to enhance your video sharing experience and inspire creativity.

Key features for iOS

  1. Creating Short Videos: Kwai allows users to create engaging short videos using a wide range of creative tools and effects. Add music, stickers, filters and special effects to your videos to make them visually stunning and engaging.
  2. Fashion Challenges: Join trending challenges and participate in hashtag campaigns to showcase your talent and creativity. Kwai regularly hosts fun contests that inspire users to express themselves and connect with people who share similar interests.
  3. Live Broadcasting: Go live and interact with your audience in real time with Kwai's live broadcasting feature. Share your thoughts, experiences and talents with your subscribers and interact with them through comments and reactions.
  4. Community Engagement: Kwai is a vibrant community where users can discover, like, comment and share each other's content. Explore trendy videos, follow your favorite authors, and connect with friends and Kwai users from around the world.

iOS compatibility

Kwai is compatible with devices running iOS 11.0 and later, making it available for a wide range of iPhones and iPads. Whether you are using the latest iPhone model or an older iOS device, you will be able to use Kwai's features seamlessly.


So, Kwai for iOS is a dynamic platform for creating, sharing and watching short videos. With a suite of creative tools, trending challenges, live streaming capabilities, and an active community, Kwai provides endless opportunities for self-expression and communication on your iOS device.