World of Warcraft is a famous online role-playing game from the Blizzard Corporation. The game is a fantasy world of Azeroth, where the forces of the Alliance oppose the Horde. The player controls one character, he has to explore the world around him, perform tasks he will receive from non-player characters, fight with enemies, pass through dungeons. With each won fight the character will become stronger, acquire new weapons and skills. The higher will be the level of the game, the harder will be the tasks, the character will have to join forces with other participants in the game, to pass the tasks. Download the official version of the game World of Warcraft for iOS free on this page.

The player must choose which side he will fight for. The Alliance unites several kingdoms under the leadership of Anduin Lothar. Humans, dwarves, night elves, dwarves, drene, vergenes and pandarens fight on his side. When friendly relations are established, the Alliance will be joined by elves of the abyss, illuminated dwarves, dwarves of black iron, Cultirassians, and Mechanognoms.

Orcs, undead, taurens, trolls, blood elves, goblins and pandaren fight on the Horde side. With the installation of friendly alliances, you can choose a playable character from the clan of the Nightborn, the tauren of the steeplechase, the maghars, the zandalars, or the vulpers.

The game runs on iOS platform version 11.0 and above.

Options and features of World of Warcraft for iOS

  • large-scale battles with other players;
  • exciting story;
  • the ability to develop your character's skills;
  • many races to choose your character;
  • creation of squads to complete quests;
  • beautiful, detailed graphics;
  • new locations of the vast game world.

How to install World of Warcraft for iOS

To install World of Warcraft on your mobile device, click the download link on this page. Once downloaded, open the file and install the application. When the installation is complete, a shortcut will appear on your desktop. The installation is complete. Complete the registration and start the game.


The game has gained recognition all over the world and has gained many fans. World of Warcraft has a lot of additions, they change the story stories, new territories or characters appear. With every addition the world of Azeroth gets even more interesting and exciting.