Monefy is an app for successful financial management, i.e. entering all your income and expenses. With Monefy, you can easily and easily create plans for the future, knowing your budget to meet. Nothing is complicated, just a few clicks and your finances are under Monefy's control. If you have an iOS smartphone or tablet, this app will be a great option for controlling your finances. There are plenty of features and options available to you with the app, including syncing your devices through a Google Drive or Dropbox account platform. The app is secure because it stores all information under a password that you can set in the settings. To download the free official version of Monefy for iOS, you need to visit our website and select the appropriate link.

Monefy is designed for iOS devices.

Options and features

  • Ability to instantly add a new record;
  • Display of statistics and detailing of all expenses;
  • independent management of categories;
  • synchronization;
  • multicurrency;
  • choice of reporting period;
  • management of repeated operations;
  • password protection;
  • built-in calculator.

How to download Monefy for iOS

To install the application, you need to go to our website and select the App Store link for your iOS device. The application will download to your device and an icon with a wallet will appear on the main screen. Click on it and you can use it wherever you are. Monefy is always in your pocket.


Monefy is a personal financial assistant for expense planning. Thanks to the simple management and easy calculation of finances, you can learn to save and distribute your finances correctly.