Odnoklassniki is a social entertainment network with millions of subscribers around the world. The app allows you to chat with friends, find new, interesting people, share photos and videos, participate in interest groups, learn the latest news, watch videos, listen to music, even promote your business and pay for utilities. Use the link on this page and download the official version of the Odnoklassniki application for iOS free.

The project is adapted to work on iOS platform, in it you can process a photo with filters and effects, before you place it in your account. Capacious catalog of games will not let the user get bored in between conversations with friends.

The app is suitable for iOS platform version 12.0 and above.

Options and features of Odnoklassniki for iOS

  • file sharing between users;
  • directory of games and applications;
  • creation of groups based on interests;
  • directory of games, stickers, gifts, emoji;
  • account promotion with advertising;
  • creation of a virtual catalog of services or goods;
  • news channels;
  • invisible mode;
  • moments that disappear after 24 hours;
  • goods from AliExpress;
  • services of state services, mobile payments and housing and communal services;
  • small and medium-sized businesses;
  • video and music catalog;
  • subscription to public personalities.

How to install Odnoklassniki for iOS

Use the link on this page and download the installation file, open it and wait for the program to fully install. Once the application is installed, a shortcut to the program will appear on the desktop, open the application and start working.


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