CoinKeeper is a free application with a friendly and intuitive interface for budget control and planning. The application has an automated system that reads data on all expenses and income. The user independently enters data on their finances. The application has the function of recognizing SMS alerts from banks, and there are a sufficient number of them. The user also sets his own monthly budget, goals and support for the currency that is needed. Thanks to device synchronization, you can keep a family budget. You can download the official version of CoinKeeper for iOS for free from our website by clicking on the link.

The CoinKeeper app is designed specifically for smartphones and tablets based on iOS version 9.0 and newer.

Application's functionality

  • daily view of balance, bills, expenses and income all in one screen;
  • support for world currencies;
  • secure data encryption;
  • independent budget planning, which includes loans;
  • all earnings are automatically recorded;
  • reminder of regular payment for housing and communal services, credit;
  • password protection;
  • export data in CSV format.

Download CoinKeeper for iOS

In order to install the app on your iOS device, you can go to our website and select the App Store`s link. Then click on the install button and wait for the icon to appear on the screen. After the application has loaded, click on it and start using it.


CoinKeeper is a popular application among users, as with it you can easily plan your budget based on income and expenses. If expenses are more than income, then a highlight will appear that will indicate how much they are exceeded.