People try themselves as photographers or directors, taking pictures and shooting videos. For those who are really attracted to this niche, there are special applications for editing videos. VN – Video Editor is a bright representative of this kind of programs, providing users with many opportunities for post–processing their videos. With the help of the presented program, you can improve video recordings by editing them, adding music, text, etc. to them. The program has a rich library of filters and effects for those who want to create something unusual and memorable. Download the official version of VN – Video Editor for Android for free using the link from our website.


The presented program is intended for use on smartphones and tablets running Android OS version 5.0 and newer.

Features of the VN – Video Editor app for Android

  • A large set of professional video editing tools. The program is equipped with an impressive number of high-quality tools for the editing of video recordings. Users can shorten their videos, as well as cut out unnecessary parts from them. There is an option to decrease or increase the speed of video recording. You can also easily change the size of the image frame. Among other things, you can work with exposure, color correction, curves, and other indicators.
  • Pleasant and intuitive interface, as well as ease of use of the application. This program is used by both beginners in the field of video editing and professionals in this niche. Despite the large number of tools, you won’t have any difficulties using them because everything is very clear in the app. Users also note the pleasant and modern interface of the program.
  • Adding music to videos. To add more atmosphere and aesthetics to your videos you can overlay songs and melodies on them. They can be downloaded from your device or used from the built-in library in the utility. The program will help you select the desired segment in the song, crop it, and also add it to the desired time passage on the video. In addition, you can add multiple audio recordings to one video at once.
  • In addition to music, you can overlay text and subtitles on your videos. Text editing functions allow you to change its font, size, color, and location. Subtitles can be added to the entire video or only to individual time intervals.
  • Apply many amazing filters and effects to your recordings. You will be satisfied with the use of filters from the built-in library of the program as they are able to turn your video into a masterpiece.
  • If you need to leave but you did not have time to finish editing the video don’t worry because the utility will save the recording to the project, which you can easily return to later to continue editing.


VN – Video Editor will help you feel like an expert and professional in the niche of creating and editing media content.