Snapchat is a popular software created for sharing photos and videos. You can apply filters and masks to pictures and videos, add different elements to them, for example, text and stickers. In the application, you can share photos and videos with friends, as well as play various games with them. Snapchat is suitable for the Android operating system. You can download the official version of Snapchat for free for Android on our page.

Program features

The program allows you to:

  • process any kind of photos;
  • cut and move parts of pictures and photos;
  • working with filters;
  • add stickers;
  • share photos;
  • establish a secure connection;
  • encrypt personal data;
  • establish a direct line of communication between companies and customers;
  • use geo-filtering function;
  • collect snapshots of certain events and create separate stories;
  • work with text.

Program download

To install the program on your computer for free, you need to click on the link to the page intended for installation. To avoid problems with installation, you should familiarize yourself with the supported devices. Optionally, you can also familiarize yourself with the functionality again before downloading. As a result, all that remains is to find the built-in "Download" panel and click.


Navigation in the app is very different from the usual in other photo editors. There are no menus pinned to the right or left in the program. Snapchat users navigate between different interface elements using swipes. For example, if the user swipes to the right in camera mode, a chat will appear. Swipe down – account settings will open. Swipe to the left - snaps of other people will appear.

Snapchat camera filters are the app's secret weapon. They are not displayed in the main menu, so you need to know how to find and use them. To do this, take a picture, then swipe left or right, after which a list of available filters will appear on the camera screen. In addition to filters, it is possible to use lenses.

The user can create unique "lenses", add stickers, take unique photos. You can watch videos and pictures by a given author when publishing a post, or just touch the screen and move on to the next element. 

It is also possible to create stories that can be decomposed into plots and downloaded to Camera Roll. If there are several videos and photos, they will be saved as separate files. 


Snapchat graphic editor is a popular application. It will help to process, apply filters and publish photos. Create new images and share them with your friends!