Have you ever thought about the importance and significance of technical information? Every second user, before buying a device, prefers to first find out its main technical characteristics and subsequently, based on the information received, choose the most suitable device for him. However, those technical characteristics that we usually see in the description of devices in stores or on websites are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there is much more technical information, just not everyone needs it at first. However, if something breaks in your device, then you will probably need to look for information about the internal components of your smartphone or tablet. In this case, a program such as CPU-Z will come to help. This product will quickly and efficiently scan the system of your device and give you full information about the technical component of it. Download the official version of CPU-Z for Android for free from our website.


The presented software product is designed to work on smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system.

This utility is an easy and intuitive application for system diagnostics and providing the user with complete technical information about his device. The main features and advantages of the program:

  • the application analyzes the processor of a smartphone or tablet and provides data on the manufacturer, name, frequency of cores, etc.;
  • the utility also provides basic information about the device, such as the device model, screen resolution, size of RAM and internal memory, etc.;
  • the battery is analyzed, its condition, type, temperature, and voltage;
  • the program easily and quickly diagnoses the Android system, providing information about its version, build number, etc.

Advantages of the program

  • The program is easy and intuitive. Everyone will be able to figure it out, even a not very confident smartphone user.
  • One of the key advantages of the program is its accessibility. All functions in the application are free, and you can diagnose the system of your device without any costs.
  • Work on all processors and Android OS versions. The application does not need high processor performance or the latest OS version.


Perhaps you have never been interested in the detailed technical information of your device. However, do not rush to pass by this application for system diagnostics, because its advantages speak for themselves. This simple and easy-to-use utility will easily analyze the system of your smartphone or tablet and provide you with a considerable amount of quite important and useful information. Who knows when you might need it? Don't miss the chance to learn more about your device, download CPU-Z for Android for free from our website right now.