MyShake is a free mobile seismic monitoring app developed by the Seismological Lab at University of California, Berkeley. The app employs your phone’s accelerometer to detect seismic events in real-time, promptly warning users when an earthquake has been identified. It also collects data from phones across the world which can be used to better understand earthquakes and their causes. Use the link on this page to download MyShake for Android free.

The program includes nice features to make the app more user-friendly and effective:

  • include real-time earthquake detection;
  • an interactive map with individual quake reporting;
  • notifications for nearby earthquakes and magnitudes;
  • wide range of customization options.

Furthermore, the app includes a "Community" tab which facilitates collaboration and encourages members to connect by sharing past experiences and pictures from events. It provides valuable educational resources as well, such as detailed information about seismic activity in various regions across the globe. The app also has features such as sharing information about earthquakes with friends and family, exploring seismicity maps of past quakes, and more. All of these features contribute to making MyShake one of the most comprehensive earthquake-monitoring apps available on the market today.