Programs for storing files are very popular among users of smartphones and tablets. They help people save and synchronize files and data between the device and the cloud to optimize their use and storage. There is a considerable number of similar software that differ from each other in functions and capabilities. MEGAsync is a prominent representative of such software products, which provides users with a considerable number of useful options. Download the official version of MEGAsync for iOS for free from our website.


The application is intended for installation on smartphones and tablets running the iOS operating system version 12.1 and later.

Basic Functions

An easy and intuitive utility will help everyone who wants to improve and optimize their work with files and documents that are stored on the device. Advantages of the application:

  • Multifunctional work with information and content. The user is able to upload files to the cloud, synchronize them and monitor changes in real time, rename, delete, and share the necessary information with contacts by sending by mail or over the Internet.
  • Multi-level encryption. All your files are securely encrypted so that no one can steal them during synchronization and storage. The developers have made sure that the use of the program is easy and pleasant for everyone.
  • A fairly large amount of available virtual space. During the development of the presented software product, 50 GB of free space in the cloud was added to it. The generosity of the developers is due to the desire to improve the user experience.
  • A lightweight utility with an intuitive interface will provide users with a pleasant work with the program and a desire to remain a Mega client in the future.


MEGAsync will become your faithful assistant when working with content on a smartphone or tablet running iOS. Upload data, synchronize it with the cloud, and manage information in real time. Install the free app on your smartphone or tablet from our website.