Storing documents on a computer and laptop becomes more difficult over time. Memory runs out, there is confusion in documents and files, difficulties with transferring information between PCs. To solve the presented problems, the developers have created programs for storing files in the cloud. MEGAsync is a representative of this segment in the market of similar software. The program not only provides a virtual space for storing information, but also is an intuitive and lightweight application. Download the official version of MEGAsync for Mac OS for free from our website.


The utility runs and runs smoothly on PCs and laptops with the Mac OS operating system. For the application to work correctly, the Mac OS version must be X 10.9 or later.

Basic Functions

MEGAsync will help you optimize the management of the device and the files and documents available on it. Advantages of the presented software product:

  • A considerable amount of cloud storage. The application provides users with 50 GB of free virtual space for downloading, storing, and synchronizing information and content. This amount of memory is enough for an acceptably long period of time. If the space runs out, there is an option to purchase additional space.
  • Upload content in any format. In the presented program for storing files, you can add not only photos and videos, but also text files, tables, and a considerable number of other equally necessary files.
  • The utility is lightweight and equipped with an intuitive and pleasant interface. Using the program brings only positive emotions. The utility itself, in turn, does not interfere with the work of a PC or laptop, does not overload the system, does not slow it down and does not interfere with the work of system processes.
  • When syncing content, the user can select folders and documents to send to the cloud. This feature helps to optimize the work with the cloud and the data uploaded to it.
  • View your data in the cloud from any device, anytime, anywhere. The only need is to log in to your account on another device, and that's it, you're done.


Programs for storing files in the cloud help users optimize their work with PCs and laptops, as well as with their files and documents. Install MEGAsync for free on your PC and laptop from our website and enjoy using cloud storage.