The Unarchiver is a small utility for compressing and decompressing archives. Storing and sending files in a compressed form is very handy for performing voluminous work tasks. For home use The Unarchiver is used for storing personal information in a mobile device, it saves a lot of storage space on the system drive. Use the link on this page to download the official version of The Unarchiver for Mac OS free.

The utility is capable of opening well-known archives such as zip, rar, 7-zip as well as obsolete and little-known archives such as: Stuffit, Lzh, arc. In addition to archives, the application can open Iso or Bin disk images and some installers.

The program is suitable for Mac OS 10.9 and higher.

The Unarchiver for Mac OS features and options

  • support for more than 30 archiving formats;
  • fast file exchange;
  • recognition of other characters in the name;
  • opens old and obscure formats;
  • designed specifically for the Mac OS platform;
  • free distribution.

How to download The Unarchiver for Mac OS

Click on the download file on this page and download the installation file to your mobile device. Then open it and start installing the program. Once the program is fully installed and its shortcut appears on your desktop, open The Unarchiver and start working with the program.


File compression saves a lot of space on your system disk and allows you to send more information via email. The Unarchiver is an indispensable helper for anyone who works with large amounts of information at home or on business occasions.