Friday Night Funkin is a musical, rhythmic, single-player game from a Canadian developer. The main character has to win musical rap battles and win the heart of the beautiful Girl. Follow the link on this page to download the official version of Friday Night Funkin for Mac OS free.

The game became popular due to its unconventional plot, cartoonish graphics and interesting gameplay. FTF features unusual characters like the Lemonhead Monster, Spirit and others.

The player will have to master complex rhythms and remember all their knowledge of music lessons. The mechanism of the game is built on the timely pressing of keys, when the team appears, the task of the player to get to the current rhythm. For the victory the player receives points and rewards, and the main award will be the opportunity to meet with the girl. The game includes training. And the levels of the game can be completed in three modes: weak, medium and difficult.

To install Friday Night Funkin, you will need Mac OS version 10.12 or newer.

Friday Night Funkin game options and features for Mac OS

  • simple game mechanics;
  • beautiful songs;
  • cartoon characters;
  • varied gameplay;
  • elaborate content;
  • unusual opponents.

How to download Friday Night Funkin for Mac OS

To download FTF on Mac OS, go to the link, open the installation file and wait until the program is installed on your device. After that, open the file and start installing the game on your PC, after the installation is complete, open the game.


Despite the fact that the game is made in cartoonish force, we should not forget that it is intended for players over the age of 13. This rating is given because of some crude sexual innuendos and because of the X-rays of working internal organs that appear when the main character loses.