IINA is a popular and free media player. The program plays a large number of multimedia files: DVD, Audio CD, VCD and network broadcasts. The software has advanced settings and options for managing the playback of media content. IINA allows you to launch, convert and sync videos. The application plays not only local files, but also streaming videos from various Internet sites and YouTube. You can download IINA for free the official version for Mac OS using the links on our page.

IINA's built-in capabilities

  • Sound and video effects can be created, used and deleted. The developer package contains a small number of effects, so the user has the opportunity to create unique ones using the slider on the sound track settings panel.
  • While watching the video, you can adjust the playback speed. This can be done using the "speed" function.
  • Some users like to watch videos and read subtitles at the same time. You can add them using the Settings panel.
  • The program also calculates repetitions of selected segments. This opportunity should be used in case of an abrupt stop of viewing.
  • The application boasts not only advanced settings, but also high-quality images. The media player can also apply filters when playing videos.
  • Videos can be combined into lists. They will automatically run in order. The videos will be played non-stop.
  • The program works using plug-ins and protocols installed by system. At the same time, you can install third-party plugins yourself.
  • IINA has extended technical support. The built-in dialog boxes are hints that will greatly simplify the work.

Instructions for downloading the player

Follow the link to our page. Get acquainted with the content. Download the installation file, then open it and wait for the full installation of the program. After the application is installed, you need to open IINA and get started.


The IINA program is a media player that can run audio or video on a computer. The video player is a universal solution for working with media format files. The user can reproduce the components of the software, as well as correctly configure them.