LTspice is a tool for creating electrical circuits and regulators. By virtually testing and rearranging components, you can choose the best layout at no extra cost. Follow the link on this page and download the official Mac OS version of LTspice free.

The application is suitable for Mac OS platform version 10.10 and higher.

Features of the program

  • adapted environment for creating circuits;
  • possibility of changing components and their characteristics;
  • high speed of processing;
  • ready templates of schemes and links;
  • interface translated into Russian by users of the program;
  • constant updating;
  • ability to customize components individually;
  • bBuilt-in drawing tools and geometric shapes;
  • creates bill of materials;
  • generates performance report.

How to Download LTspice for Mac

To download LTspice on Mac OS, follow the link on this page, then open the installation file and wait until the program is fully installed on your device. After that, open the program and start creating diagrams.