In the 21st century, the protection of personal information is considered an important issue. There are more and more scammers, scammers and malicious programs on the network that are able to hack devices, delete data or steal it for later use for selfish purposes. Internet users want their PCs and laptops to be safe because there they store most of the information, both important and personal: documents, photos, correspondence, passwords. To solve this problem, antivirus programs have been developed, for example, AVG AntiVirus. They will protect your device from network attacks, will not allow scammers to steal from you or damage your system. Make the right decision when choosing your defender, download the official version of AVG AntiVirus for Mac for free on our website.

AVG AntiVirus is a loyal assistant and defender who will keep your personal data safe and sound. This is a powerful antivirus that can prevent malware and virus attacks.


The utility is supported on macOS. Install it for free on a PC or laptop. Check how compatible your device is with this utility: you can install the application if you have Mac OS 10.10 and higher.

About the program

AVG AntiVirus is a reliable security utility that can protect your files, photos, emails and guarantees security when you are on the Internet. The latest version of the application includes a large number of advantages:

  • does not slow down the device: it works quickly and imperceptibly, does not overload the system, but at the same time copes well with the work.
  • web protection, as well as email protection: prevents fraudsters from stealing your personal and business correspondence or information from them.
  • five levels of protection: be sure that you are completely safe.
  • automatic database updates: adding new types of viruses and malware, as well as ways to combat them


When using the Internet, no one wants to pick up a virus or stumble upon scammers, as this is very unpleasant and extremely dangerous, because you can lose important data because of this. AVG is a great solution for those who really care about their safety. Download AVG AntiVirus from our website and make sure of its quality and professionalism. After all, it is better to prevent the occurrence of a problem than to eliminate it later.