Proton VPN for Mac OS is a free virtual private networking service that is responsible for a secure connection to the Internet network. Proton VPN is also considered the best free program, which provides all the necessary tools to encrypt your personal data. It is possible to subscribe for a fee, but the free version is also no different in terms of data protection. Proton VPN creates a virtual tunnel for transmitting information that cannot be intercepted by third parties. In this way, the user bypasses all geographical restrictions or access to blocked sites. The program has an intuitive interface. You can download the official version of Proton VPN for Mac OS free from our website by following the link.

Proton VPN developers have created software for Mac OS version 1.9.0 and higher.

The main functions of the program

  • high-speed global network;
  • secure core - data protection in Switzerland and Iceland;
  • use of Perfect forward secrecy keys (absolutely direct secrecy);
  • service does not monitor user activity on the Internet;
  • Tor VPN - redirects traffic to the anonymous TOR network.

Download Proton VPN for Mac OS

In order to start using Proton VPN, you need to follow the link to our website and choose the download file for your Mac OS. The entire download is done in a few clicks. After downloading, you will see the application icon on the screen. Click on it, you will see a window, where the platform asks you to enter your login data. After logging in, you can use and click on the tools to learn more about Proton VPN.


Proton VPN is a free service with encryption of your personal data, due to this, the user can pass through web resources that are closed or contain censorship. If you do not want your data to get to fraudsters, then feel free to install Proton VPN for Mac OS and surf the Internet without problems and restrictions.