In the modern world, no user can do without a browser on his computer or laptop. But how to choose a really fast and high-quality product? First of all, you need to pay attention to the functionality of the application, its set of options and functions. SeaMonkey is a set of tools for working on the Internet, created in the likeness of such popular programs as Firefox and Thunderbird. Among the features of the presented application, you can note the built-in browser, mailbox, address book, HTML editor, etc. The program will be useful for both beginners and already more experienced, advanced users. You can easily download the official version of SeaMonkey for Mac OS for free from our website.


The presented software product is designed to work on computers and laptops running the Mac OS X "Tiger" operating system (10.9) and higher.

Features of SeaMonkey for Mac OS

  • A modern browser. The program has a browser created based on the Firefox engine and subsequently modified and brought to mind. At the moment, it is quite multifunctional, fast and convenient to use. It has features and options such as the ability to search by page, change the browser design, view cookies, block pop-ups and banner ads, disable image loading and the ability to open multiple pages in one window.
  • Convenient email client. Not every browser can provide the user with the opportunity to use the built-in mail client, which causes problems with usability, since people either have to view mail simply in the browser or download additional applications to their computer. The built-in client is convenient because it allows you to use a spam filter, work with two or more mailboxes, block ads, and change the layout of windows.
  • Built-in add-ons to optimize the browser. When users install any add-ons in the browser, they overload it, which is why it starts to work slower. In this application, the developers have solved this problem. Pre-built-in add-ons do not load the browser so much and do not interfere with its work.
  • Advanced features. For experienced users of the Internet space, such options as the availability of an IRC client with the ability to connect to two or more servers, as well as the ability to edit HTML, may seem interesting.


SeaMonkey is becoming more and more popular every day due to its high-speed operation, a good set of programs, a user-friendly interface and additional functions for advanced users. Do not waste time and download the free utility to your computer or laptop from our website.