n-Track Studio is an advanced digital audio workstation (DAW) for macOS that allows musicians, producers and sound engineers to easily create exceptional music projects. With a host of intuitive features and advanced tools, n-Track Studio provides a seamless and immersive music creation experience on the macOS platform.

Key features for macOS

  1. Multitrack Recording: With n-Track Studio for macOS, you can easily record and play back multiple audio tracks simultaneously. Whether you're recording live performances, layering instrumentation, or recording vocals, n-Track Studio provides unrivaled flexibility and precision.
  2. Extensive plug-in support: Enhance your audio work with a huge selection of high-quality macOS-compatible plug-ins and effects. From EQ and compression to reverb and delay, n-Track Studio provides an extensive library of plug-ins to shape and enhance your sound.
  3. MIDI Integration: With n-Track Studio's robust MIDI support, you can easily integrate MIDI devices such as keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines into your music projects. Create complex musical arrangements, trigger virtual instruments, and experiment with different MIDI controllers to express your creativity.
  4. Advanced mixing and editing: Gain full control over your audio tracks with n-Track Studio's advanced mixing and editing capabilities. Adjust volume, pan position, and apply effects in real time to achieve the perfect mix. Edit audio waveforms with precision using the built-in waveform editor.
  5. Mastering tools: Raise your music to professional standards with n-Track Studio's comprehensive mastering package. Adjust sound levels, enhance clarity and put the finishing touches on your tracks with a range of mastering effects and processing tools.

Compatibility with macOS versions

n-Track Studio is compatible with different versions of macOS, ensuring optimal performance and stability across macOS versions. It supports macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra and newer versions of macOS, providing users with a seamless music creation experience on their preferred macOS version.


Overall, n-Track Studio for macOS is a powerful and versatile DAW that allows musicians and producers to unleash their creativity and create exceptional music projects. With its intuitive interface, advanced features, and broad macOS compatibility, n-Track Studio is the optimal choice for professional music creation on macOS.