VLC is a simple media player developed by VideoLAN. The software is endowed with a fairly clear interface that provides easy use. VLC allows you to launch, convert and sync videos. If the player cannot play any file and gives an error, then advanced technical support and a special search service for missing codecs will come to the rescue. The application supports a large number of operating systems, including Mac. You can download the official version of VLC for Mac OS for free using the links on our page.


  • The "Media" function is located on the toolbar of the player. The option helps to launch files, disks and URL broadcasts.
  • The "Playback" tool controls the playback of files in the player. With the support of this function, it is possible to pause a video, start another one, increase or decrease the playback speed, while not losing the opportunity to return to the initially viewed content.
  • The "Audio" parameter helps to configure the audio track. Using the function, you can increase, reduce or mute the sound. It is also possible to add sound special effects.

Download Instructions for VLC

To download VLC to a computer or laptop, you need to download the file that is on this page. Then open it and wait for the final download. After the software installation is completed, you can start working with the media player.

Screen video recording

To record the broadcast of the screen, you need to go to the "Media" section. After the capture device is opened, you will need to decide on the mode. A dialog box for editing options will appear in front of the user. Using the "Mode" function, you need to go to the "Screen" tab and activate it. After that, the transfer or saving of the stream in the file will begin. You can also change the frame rate and open additional parameters where you can change caching, start and stop time.


VLC is a well-known and easily recognizable program with which it is convenient to view video and audio files. For everyday use, the basic package of the program is suitable. If video processing is needed, then the application will cope even with correction.