In the modern world, downloading information from the Internet to your device has become easier than ever. Each user is able to get almost any content that he wants. Special software products, such as uTorrent, were invented to download documents and applications from the network. The presented program is a useful assistant for those who constantly or sometimes face the need to download data. Download the official version of uTorrent for Mac OS for free on your PC or laptop from our website.

The presented utility works seamlessly on devices that are controlled by the Mac OS operating system.

Software features

uTorrent is an easy and intuitive utility with a pleasant interface and many useful options. Features of the software product:

  • Multifunctional file download. Users are able to download content from the Internet of various extensions and different sizes. Download movies in the best quality, voluminous games, and a variety of applications. Also set up a download queue to download files one by one or download content at the same time.
  • Configuring traffic usage. You can adjust the file download speed to optimize the operation of the application and so that it does not overload the system and does not interfere with the work of other programs that work with the Internet.
  • You can download files not only at the time of adding a torrent, but also at any other time by setting the download date and time in the program. Add torrents and set a timer for downloading, completing it, starting, and ending the distribution of already downloaded content.
  • Easy to use. This software product is equipped with an intuitive interface and is available for use by any users, both professionals and beginners. Moreover, the utility does not interfere with the computer, does not overload, and does not slow it down.
  • You can view statistics and information about torrents. Check how much traffic was spent during the download, as well as other details of the download.
  • Multilingualism. The utility supports work in 40 languages. Install the language system you need and enjoy working in the application.

uTorrent will help you download any files of any size to a PC or laptop running Mac OS. Download the necessary content with ease and without problems. Download uTorrent for free to your computer from our website and make sure that the utility is professional.