Foxmail is a Chinese email service adapted for mobile devices that provides access to email accounts without a browser. The app allows you to send and receive emails, exchange files, create passwords, encrypt emails, apply macros, customize templates, and create an unlimited number of mailboxes. Follow the link on this page to download the free, official version of Foxmail for Mac OS.

Like many similar programs, Foxmail has intuitive interface that is easy to understand for inexperienced users.

There is a 25MB weight limit for sending emails, if the letter is bigger you can easily solve this problem by sending a request to the account administrator right from the service application.

The application is suitable for Mac OS version 10.11 and newer.

Foxmail for Mac OS features

  • receiving and sending emails;
  • filters for sorting emails;
  • templates adjustment;
  • unlimited number of mailboxes;
  • storage in the cloud;
  • adapted for mobile devices;
  • file sharing;
  • message encryption;
  • group message manager;
  • push notifications;
  • RSS-aggregator;
  • built-in calendar;
  • note taking.

How to download Foxmail for Mac OS

Use the link on this page and download the file to install the program on your mobile device. Then run the file and wait until the program is fully installed. After the Foxmail shortcut appears on your desktop, open the service and write your first email.


After many years of service, new features and services have been added to the interface of the program, which makes it possible to recommend Foxmail for use in large companies, not just for home use.