Dropbox is a software designed to perform operations on files. The application was created in 2007, but has not lost its popularity to this day. Built-in features and useful functionality allow Dropbox to remain among the popular free cloud storage. You can download Dropbox for Android for free if you use the link that is on our page. 


Before installing the app for free on your phone or tablet, you should familiarize yourself with the functionality. 

The Dropbox has: 

  • Fast synchronization. Resource integrity. 
  • The speed of work. The specified commands are executed quickly. 
  • Auto-update. When setting up auto-updates, there will be no need to update manually. The program will install the latest versions by itself. 
  • Security and privacy. The data is available only to the user. 
  • Recover deleted files. Deleted data can be installed if the program recognizes the code, number and storage device of the file. 
  • Creating and storing passwords. For security, you can set a password on the program. 
  • Changing the settings. If the user does not like the enabled functions, they can be disabled in the "Settings" section 
  • Encryption. The data is stored using encryption, which provides access protection.

To download Dropbox for android for free, you need to follow a simple instruction:

  1.  follow the link to the page intended for installing the file;
  2.  get acquainted with the characteristics;
  3. read about the features;
  4. find out about supported devices;
  5. read the terms of use;
  6. look at the screenshots taken in the app; 
  7. find and click on the built-in panel "Install for free" "Download here" or "Download";
  8. wait until the download of the installation file is completed. 

Using functions

After downloading, you can launch the application, familiarize yourself with short dialog boxes, enter or create an administrator login. You can also change the settings, set a password. After saving the changes, get to work. 


As a result, it will not be difficult to install Dropbox on Android for free if you know how to install and use the application.