The popular Dropbox program is cloud storage, that is, a place designed for storing files and data. The DP service differs slightly from its predecessors in that each user has the right to a separate storage after registration. In addition, the files can be of any format. And also the built-in antivirus will protect the data. You can download Dropbox for free for Windows official version if you use the link that is on our page.

Main functions and features of the program

The Dropbox has such functions as:

  • Web interface. Communication between the user and the application using the Internet protocol "HTTP".
  • Dif encoding. Encoding of signals using special modulation.
  • Saving space. Compression of files without loss of content.
  • Data encryption. The data is available only to the user.
  • Save anywhere. After downloading, you can choose the installation location.
  • Ability to change settings. If the user does not like the included functions, then they can be changed.
  • Create shared personal folders. From the data of one type, you can assemble a folder for convenience.

To install the Dropbox for free on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista with a bit depth of 63,32 bit, you need to know the boot order.


  1. follow the link to the page intended for installing the program;
  2. read the program description;
  3. learn about Dropbox features;
  4. find information about supported devices;
  5. read the terms of use;
  6. view screenshots created in the app;
  7. find and click on the built-in panel "Download here", "Install" or "Download";
  8. wait for the download of the installation file to complete.

Installation after downloading the program

After downloading the application, you can start the first launch. To do this, you need:

Select the location to save the file. According to the recommendations - desktop. The installation file will be saved automatically. Log in to the app and read the suggested short facts about the app. Create an administrator login. If you already have, then log in with a password. Optionally, change the settings. You can also transfer files or create folders.


So, Dropbox is a good choice as a storage cloud. After all, the program can not only be installed easily and for free on a PC, but also used without any problems.