Dropbox is one of the most common repositories for files. File sharing is popular due to the functions and built-in capabilities of the application. Difficulties do not arise either during installation or when using the program. In addition, the application is absolutely free. You can download Dropbox for free for iOS official version by using the links that are on our page. 


To download a Dropbox on an iPad or iPhone, you should familiarize yourself with the useful functionality: 

  • High speed operation. Fast query execution. 
  • Encryption. Data security from questionable users. 
  • Password protection. Creating passwords to run the program. 
  • Complete security. Guaranteed application protection. 
  • Notification. For convenience, you can allow sending notifications to keep up to date with events. 
  • Traffic management. According to statistics, you can track the traffic scale and evaluate. 

You can install Dropbox for free on iOS if you follow the algorithm: 

  1. follow the link to the page to install the program;
  2. view the contents of the page;
  3. read the description;
  4. learn about the terms of use;
  5. find information about the app's features;
  6. view screenshots taken in Dropbox;
  7. find out about supported devices;
  8. find and click on the "Download" or "Install here" button;
  9. wait until the download of the installation file is completed. 

Installation after downloading the program 

After downloading the application, you should proceed to the first launch. Before that, you need to choose a save location. The computer automatically saves the file in the "Trash". For convenience, you can move the data to another location. According to the recommendations, the best place is the desktop. After that, you can launch the application. A lot of dialog boxes will pop up on the screen to work without difficulties. After that, you can configure auto-update, change settings, transfer files, create folders, etc. 


So, Dropbox is still one of the most common storage programs. The developers have done a good job of creating the application. The latest versions differ from the old ones with new features and features. That's why file sharing is developing so rapidly, but it remains free. In addition, it is not difficult to install the application, knowing the work process.