It's no secret that with the development of technology and the Internet, online fraud has also begun to flourish. Criminals began to operate not only on the streets, but also on the Internet, stealing data and personal information of users. In order to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and attacks of malware and viruses, users install antiviruses on their smartphones and tablets that protect their data from criminals. Avira Antivirus is a bright representative of this kind of software products, which will not only be able to protect all your data stored on the device but will also do it professionally and efficiently. Download the official version of Avira Antivirus for Android for free from our website and protect yourself and your device.


This utility works on smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system 5 and newer.

About the program

This application is an antivirus program that includes an impressive number of useful and important functions. This software product has a considerable number of advantages:

  • If any third-party application tries to gain access to the main processes of the system or to root documents and files, the antivirus will immediately know about it and prevent this attempt by blocking access.
  • The application independently scans the system for viruses or malware. The utility is able to perform both an easy check and a full check of all folders and files.
  • Databases are updated automatically in the program. It independently checks for new types of viruses and ways to combat them.
  • Manage quarantine on your device using this software product. It has never been so easy and convenient to set up quarantine on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Thanks to a set of new technologies, the application is able to perform its work efficiently and professionally to protect the user's device from malware, viruses, and Internet scammers.
  • As an additional feature, the developers have introduced into the program the ability to clean the system and delete unnecessary files. The utility, after scanning the smartphone, finds unnecessary files and offers to delete them from the device.


For high-quality and full-fledged data protection on the device, it is important to find a high-quality antivirus program. Avira Antivirus is the right solution for those who really care about their security. The application is endowed with a considerable number of functions that will provide you with a pleasant work with the program. Download a free antivirus from our website and verify the professionalism of the program from personal experience.