Secure access to the Internet and protection of information is a pressing issue for people visiting online services. That is why it is so important to find a reliable and professional program that not only protects smartphones and tablets of users from malicious applications and cyber-attacks, but also guarantees open access to the resources of interest online. One such program is Intra (authors of Jigsaw).

Download the official version of Intra for Android free from our website and do not worry about access to your favorite platforms, social networks or sites.

The app is supported for Android version 4.0 and later.

Program Features of Intra

Intra is a connection encryption tool that eliminates unauthorized traffic interception, address spoofing. Through an encrypted connection, the software redirects the user to the desired IP address. Among the features of the application we'd like to single out the following:

  • wide Internet access - opens applications and websites that are blocked by DNS manipulation;
  • protection against digital attacks - protects against malware and phishing, stealing of confidential information (user passwords, names);
  • unlimited one-click protection - easy installation and activation, no data usage limitations;
  • no Internet connection slowdowns;
  • reliable storage and usage technology;
  • robust data storage and usage technology - no tracking of programs used or sites visited by the user;
  • provision of options for choosing a DNS server provider - use your own server or one from a popular provider (such as Cloudflare or Google).


By using Intra, requests will no longer be blocked by Internet service providers. Even to those network resources that are not available on the territory of the country of residence. Feel free to safely access your favorite social networks, applications, news sites, messengers.