If you have ever thought about protecting your data and confidential information that is stored on your computer or laptop, then you have probably been looking for good antivirus programs that could satisfy your desires and needs. One of such programs is Avira Antivirus. This software product is a powerful antivirus program that is able to calculate and resist any virus, malware, or cyber-attacks. The application is free and is endowed with a considerable number of functions that will make your work with the program more pleasant and convenient. Download the official version of Avira Antivirus for Mac for free from our website and protect yourself and your data once and for all.


The presented utility is supported on computers and laptops running the Mac operating system. To install the application, the following requirements must be met: the presence of the macOS operating system version 10.15 and higher.

About the program

This program is equipped with an impressive number of options that optimize your work with the utility and make it more pleasant and comfortable. Advantages of the application:

  • The presented software product protects the system in real time. No virus or malware will escape Avira's scanner. As soon as the problem is detected, the antivirus will report it and offer solutions to it.
  • The utility automatically updates databases and adds new types of viruses and malware, as well as ways to get rid of them.
  • Manage quarantine on your device using this utility.
  • Developers have implemented the latest technologies in this software product to provide the highest quality protection to users and their files.
  • The app protects you while surfing the web. The web protection protocols built into the program will not allow Internet scammers and hackers to steal your data.
  • In later applications, there is a feature for detecting advertising utilities and spyware.


When choosing a defender of your data and personal information, you should pay attention to a number of key factors. The program should be able to recognize a huge number of viruses and malware and be able to fight them. It would also be nice if an antivirus could protect you while browsing the Internet. Avira Antivirus combines all the best features that a professional antivirus can have. Download this free application to your PC or laptop and make sure of the reliability and quality of the program.