Going online takes more time than before, because of the abundance of ads and heavy applications on the tabs, so development companies create new products, based on well-known browsers, with new features. Torch Browser is one of the representatives of the family of open-source browsers based on Chromium, it adds features for fast browsing, saving movies and streaming videos, and the browser is easy to share content with social sites. You can download the official version of Torch Browser for Mac if you follow the link on this page.

The program has a built-in video-grabber that downloads clips from most platforms on the Internet. Torch Browser makes it easy to share files or links to other sites by simply dragging and dropping the desired link to a tab. The browser also has a built-in torrent, which allows you to download movies without installing additional programs.

Brave Browser is suitable for MacOS 10.06 and up.

The functionality of the Torch Browser

The functionality of the Torch Browser:

  • protection of personal information of users;
  • built-in torrent;
  • forced download acceleration;
  • saving videos from known platforms;
  • easy tab management;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • securing privacy on the web;
  • share links and files;
  • go to any site, anywhere in the world;
  • expand your options with Google Chrome catalog;
  • Russian language is available.

Download Torch Browser for Mac from this page

Torch Browser is easy to install. Download the file on this page, after installation launch it and wait for the program to be fully installed. Then open the browser and start using it.

Torch Browser is good because it combines the features of the standard Chrome browser and new built-in features. The browser is suitable for those who like to download videos from platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, as well as for fans of new movies or music.