VPN for Mac OS is a program that manages recursive name servers assigned to IP addresses. The address will be mapped to the production server by routing. DNS is one of the advanced protocols that all Internet visitors can use. Users can also independently configure the service for themselves, where the DNS protocol indicators will be changed to a specific IP-address. You can download the free official version of VPN for Mac OS on our website by selecting the desired file.

VPN is designed for the Mac OS operating system version 10.15 and higher.

Program Characteristics

  • the best way to connect when visiting closed resources;
  • strict confidentiality;
  • top-level security;
  • easy to use.

Using VPN

To install the program on the Mac OS platform, we suggest making a few clicks to start surfing:

  1. download the file from the link provided on our website;
  2. go to the Downloads folder and open the .pkg file;
  3. follow the prompts that are displayed during the installation of the program;
  4. check the box next to the phrase "Privacy policy" and click "Next";
  5. turn on the button to connect to WARP.

The program is ready to use. When visiting the resource, your data is completely protected by a special code that the bot will not be able to recognize.


VPN for Mac OS is a program with high-quality built-in technologies like DNS-protocol and WARP. Thanks to the program, the user can not worry about their data, because they are under reliable protection.