Nowadays, personal safety and the security of your data is valued above everything else. People are especially worried about the security of information and data stored on their smartphones and tablets. Due to the fact that we live in a digital age when everyone uses the Internet and stores almost all important information on devices, an important problem is the problem of protecting this data. To solve this issue, developers create antivirus programs that are able to prevent attempts to steal information, protect users from cyber-attacks, malware, and viruses. One of such programs is Avira Antivirus, a powerful antivirus with a considerable number of functions for high-quality work and protection of files and documents on your smartphones or tablets. Install the official version of Avira Antivirus for iOS for free from our website and protect your data from criminals online.


The presented software product works on smartphones and tablets with the iOS operating system version 11 and higher.

About the program

This utility is a professional antivirus that is able to protect your iOS device from viruses, malware, and cyber criminals. The presented program is endowed with an impressive number of useful functions:

  • The presented software product supports the option of checking processes when trying to access files. Thus, if any application tries to access the root files of the system, the antivirus will check this attempt and this application for viruses in it and, if necessary, block the application from accessing the system files. 
  • The program has an intelligent system scanner. The application independently scans the system and searches for malware, spyware, viruses, etc.
  • The utility has the possibility of automatic and manual updates. The program independently updates databases and adds new types of viruses and ways to combat them. You can also start the database update process yourself, if you need it.
  • In this software product, you can manage the quarantine by adding any applications there or removing them from there.
  • Developers have implemented a set of new technologies into the utility. Thus, this program has a number of advantages in comparison with many similar antiviruses. 
  • A means of cleaning and removing debris. Avira Antivirus will help you scan your device for the presence of unnecessary files and garbage in it, as well as permanently delete them.


If you, like many other smartphone and tablet users, are concerned about the safe storage of data and information on the device, then Avira Antivirus is the solution to your problem. This powerful antivirus will not only protect your data, but also do it professionally and efficiently. Also, this program will protect you while working on the Internet and will provide a considerable number of additional useful functions.